Dan Proctor

Front End Specialist / Full Stack Developer

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Solo Project (In Progress)

React.js, Firebase Hosting, Socket.io, Express, Node.js

An entirely flexible and collaborative note-taking application that allows users to have several notes of different sizes arranged on a virtual desktop.


Chef'd Meal Planner

Lead Front End Developer (React)

React.js, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Green Sock Animation Platform, Cheerio

A web application for planning meals based on your pantry contents. Utilizes recipes scraped from Serious Eats.



Lead Front End Developer

Node.js, Handlebars, HTML, CSS, Express, MySQL, Heroku

Built in 10 days. A web platform that allows user to share and interact with various experiences around Toronto.



Solo Project

React.js, Firebase Hosting

A web application for quickly and easily building a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Monster



Lead Algorithm Engineer

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Firebase, AJAX

Built in 10 days. A web application that recommends movies based on a plain English input by the user describing what kind of movie they want.

star wars

Star Wars 8-Bit Combat

Solo Project

Javascript, HTML, CSS

A one on one single player fighting game with a basic AI based on the Star Wars Original Trilogy